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"For a minute there, I lost myself"

Nadine is right

This picture owns.

Lily's First Jam Session

The concentration on her face, and the foot tap at the 30 second mark KILL me. So adorable.


This guy REALLY likes Rainbows. Seriously, he's not messing around.

wow...just... wow...

Also, not what I would expect this guy to look like...



Has Jofus told you lately that he loves you?

Because he does... he really does...
(or if you are like Mary, and are not from the area but are AWESOME enough to make the drive)

Consider yourself invited to CUPCAKEPALOOZA II: This time, it's personal.


Awesome Shots!
A Bonfire!
A informative demonstration on GRAVITY thanks to a certain smoking device!
Still want more?
How about a drunken midnight romp to the beach!?

and of course...

(Seriously, more cupcakes than you can shake a stick at. I don't care what kind of stick you have! Doesn't matter, still more... )

Fabulous prizes will be awarded*
Everyone is invited so bring your friends and come on down!
All the cool kids are doing it!!! *

* "Fabulous" and "cool" are both subjective definitions.

My dogs rock...

Dana wrote this blog entry the other day about Lily and Oliver and I love it. It was really touching for me to read because I know how special their bond is, and I know how bittersweet it was for Dana to FINALLY accept this...


All of our dogs have always been so sweet to Lilian and she is totally obsessed with her four legged siblings. I'm glad Dana took the time to write this, I think one day Lily will like to read it.


In other news...

This guy needs a new hobby.

I have dreamed of this day for so long...

When Lily was just under three months old I started grooming her because I really wanted one of her first words to be "Han Solo", mostly because he's my favorite fictional character but also because I figured that would be easy to pull off. Two words, kinda gibberishy - not like I was asking her to say "Skywalker"

This is a video Dana too of me trying to teach her,

As you can see, at three months, Han Solo may have been a LITTLE ambitious.
I can admit that now.

Today I gave Lily my Mighty Muggs Han Solo action figure. For those of you who don't know, it looks like this

I thought of all of my Han Solo figures he was the cutest and most toddler friendly. Lily loved it! She instantly ditched the Dora toy she was playing with and hugged the little Han Solo to her chest and got the biggest grin on her face. When she started playing with it, I got very jealous. That sinking feeling I used to get in the pit of my stomach whenever I had to share my toys. I quickly dismissed it though because, I really want this kid to be into Star Wars, Comic books and all the rest of my nerdly pursuits. Although I would not let Dana refer to it as "Lily's Han Solo toy." I insisted it only be referred to as "Mommy's Han Solo Toy." In case you were wondering, I'm not proud of myself.

So Dana went to work teaching her "Han Solo" and after a few minuets Lily was calling him "Ha-lo" or "Han-lo"
TOTALLY CLOSE!!!! My heart almost exploded with Joy. I have been waiting for her first sprouts of geekdom since before she was born. I was so happy, I didn't even mind having to share my toys.

In other news, Lily also said "I love you." to me for the first time. Although, I know it sounds crazy, I'm more excited about the Han Solo. Don't get me wrong I totally melted when she told me she loved me and it totally made me shed a tear but... I KNOW she loves me. I knew it was only a matter of time before she told me she loved me. This Han Solo thing, is a totally unexpected Wild Card of a win!

I would also like to think that maybe, just maybe her way of TELLING me she loved me is by learning to say Han Solo. Either way I am so proud!