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I fear for her safety... and our own.

Anyone out there watching American Idol this year?

I am totally smitten with Siobhan Magnus.
However, I'm not sure it's in a good way. I'm drawn to her the same way I was drawn to a lot of the loopy girls I dated in my early 20's. They were exciting because you never knew what the hell crazy stuff they were going to do next. Girls where their cute factor is JUST hot enough to make you ignore how crazy they really are. God I used to love those girls. The type of girls where your entire realtionship with them could be compared to a piece of IKEA furniture, you are drawn to it, it looks good, you realize you NEED it in your life and you are shocked that it is within your means. You buy it, and the entire drive home you get excited about how this is going to change your life. You plan on redecorating, and reorganizing, turrning over a new leaf and taking control of your destiny! Then you get it home. And you have to put it together, which is always more work than you thought it would be. Then you realize the quality is not as great you thought it was. The wood bulges, the drawers fall off track, their is always hardware missing and those little S shaped wrenches always tear your hands apart and strip the screws. Then there is always some part of it just... just doesn't fit together right. Then you realize the furniture kind of wasn't worth the effort. Every time you look at it, it makes you wonder what were you thinking in the first place. How you could so foolishly pick style over substance....*

Girls that are like THAT
She's got THAT vibe...

I love it. From a distance.
I love her from the Ikea show room floor.

I worry about her though.
Every time she hits one of those crazy high notes that she sings there is a split second where I worry she is going to burst into flames or rip some hole in the space time continuum and unleash some sort of creature from another dimension. Like Mothra. Didn't Mothra carry around a bunch couple of little Japanese girls that sang in a ridiculously high pitched voice?

See why I'm so concerned?
And can you understand why I'm trying to vote for her right now?

* Also, like Ikea Furniture those girls never survive more than ONE move.


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Mar. 17th, 2010 10:23 am (UTC)
I love the analogy!!
I still am drawn to the Siobhan/Billy bookcases of the world.
I have Siobhan in the office Idol pool. Fingers crossed!

Mar. 17th, 2010 04:57 pm (UTC)
Everyone is drawn to them at some point. My problem, if I'm perfectly honest is I myself am a little too "off" to ever make a realtionship with one work. I need someone to keep be grounded otherwise we wind up being like two water molocules in a microwave.

She's kind of unreal!

I look forward to her performance every week because it's exciting how - I don't know - how Sibohan like she is
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