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I can't stop sneezing.

Book I'm Reading: Wonder Boys
Last Movie Watched: Pan's Labyrinth
Beverage: Coffee that just burned the roof of my mouth!

This weekend was pretty amazing but I feel like, I don't have the time to really get into how awesome it was, so I'm going to just give the highlight reel for now.

- Got to hang out with Brontis.

- We took Lily to the playground down by the gatehouse at our beach (where we had Lily's baby shower). Brontis had not been there since the baby shower. It was amazing to think of that and then look down and see Lily running across the lawn.

- I could tell she was thrilled to have all three of us there watching her play on the playground because she was totally performing for us. She would get off the slide and then she would run to the beginning of the course waving her hands over her head and babbling. Then she would always stop, turn around, make sure one of us was following her, and then her excitement would pick up right where she left off. Really cute.

- She learned a new word this week "Animal", but she says it in a really funny way. She like SCREAMS, "ANNMOLL". I don't know why but it had all of us hysterical all weekend. It never got old. Brontis even discovered a few bonus was to get her to say "Animal", like later in the evening he taught her that her box of cookies was actually animal crackers. We kept asking her, "What kind of cookies are those?" and she would grunt, "Annmole!!!" I think she was annoyed we kept asking her.

"God, guys I told you a million times, these are animal crackers. What the hell is wrong with you?"

- Brontis bought us a brand new xbox to replace my broken one! AWESOME! My video game drought is over! AND he got me a copy of Marvel Ultimate alliance AND loaned me his copy of Ghost Busters - DOUBLE MORE AWESOME!

- We got Chinese food from that new place I discovered. Why didn't anybody ever tell me about cold sesame noodles sooner? They are so tasty!

- We took Lily to a really adorable farm stand/petting zoo to celebrate the first day of spring. She loved it and it was a third of the price as the LI game farm and there was twice as much for her to do so. Win/win.

- A newborn baby goat fell in love with Brontis and kept breaking out of it's pen to be with him. Brontis kept having to squeeze it back into the pen, at which point the goat would just nay and push it's way out again. It was kind of adorable. I thought he was going to wind up with a new pet.

- Dana got mad at me when I fed the cow milk from a feeding bottle, she said she didn't know why, but it was weird. I was kind of hilarious saying, "Oh, oh yeah... that's me." In "the cows" voice every time the cow took a sip. The cow sounded very bored and dyseffected in case you were wondering.

- The cow was not the only animal that got a voice, there was also an Alpaca with nappy dreadlocks. Brontis accused him of being a hippy. The Alpaca then accused us of "Being the ones in cages...man." We made fun of it for laying six inches away from it's poop. The Alpaca then "said" to us "You all flush your poop! IT'S NOT NATURAL MAN!!! IT'S NOT NATURAL!!!!

- I swear to god we were not stoned... or drunk.

- I saw Dora the Explorer ice cream bars and I THOUGHT Lily would love them. Then I unwrapped it and it was horrific. It was like a mutated Dora head with dead black gumball eyes. Shark's eyes. I felt like it was a Village of the Damned ice cream bar. I had to pluck out Dora's eyes because they were a choking hazard which then left Dora with a melting face and these maimed sockets. It was like something out of a greek tragedy. I'm pretty sure the whole experience psychologically scarred Lily.

- We went to the farmers market they had on site which was pretty nice. The entire place smelled amazing because they were pulling about three dozen pies out of the oven in front of us. Dana and I buckled and decided we couldn't live without a Peach/Mixed berry pie. I snuck off claiming I had to go to the bathroom, but really I went and bought Dana a pink flamingo for the garden. She has wanted one forever so she was pretty thrilled. I think it will compliment our garden gnomes nicely.

- We wound up getting lunch in Huntington because Brontis wanted Mexican food and I remembered that there was a place that served "traditional" Mexican food AND the outside was decorated like an "Mayan temple". How could you resist that? The bight neon painted "totems" only lend to the place's authenticity!!! The food was really good though.

- Lily learned a new trick. Sometimes when we are walking some place with her we play that game where we each take a hand and go "One.... Two... Three.... WEEEEEEE" and then we life her up off the ground and swing her out. I'm pretty sure everyone's parents used to do this with them, it's kind of a parenting staple. Anyway, Brontis and and I were doing that, and Lily as usually was giggling like a lunatic, but then, she lifted up her feet and refused to put them down. It was like she was forcing us to keep swinging her CONSTANTLY without the wind up. At first it was cute and kind of funnny but when we were standing waiting for the traffic light to change she kept lifting her feet or, just going limp so we would have to hoist her up. The woman behind us, and Lily thought this was hilarious, but we had to drag her like this across the street. I felt like we were prison guards dragging her into "the hole" at Shawshank.

Sunday the plan was to go to Port Jefferson, walk around, take some pictures, do some more family bonding. Dana even bribed me with slices from Colosseo's Pizza which is my pizza place in the area. Dana wanted to get a late start on the day, so I spent the morning sitting around watching old Sci-Fi and Horror movies. Then she and the baby wound up taking a ridiculously long nap and didn't even wake up until three thirty so we decided to save Port Jeff until a day when we were motivated to get an earlier start. Instead we ate more chines food and had a quiet night at home.
I broke out the origami set I got for Christmas and made a small army of Dinosaurs, which Lily LOVED but all tried to unfold and eat. The rumors are true; Toddlers and the ancient Japanese art of paper folding do not mix. SHOCKING!
Just before Lily's bath, we made her do a photo shoot for Wick's birthday where we wrote "Happy Birthday Uncle Wick" on Lily's chest with mascara. There was also a video of her Dancing for him, which kind of reminded me of the of Dylan's performance at the Grammy's a few years ago when the "Soy Bomb" guy crashed the stage.

I mean he and Lily were even rocking the same moves. They must have had the same choreographer. However those moves proved to be WAAAAY to hot for Oliver to handle because he then tried to mount and ride Lily every time the camera was rolling. Every single time. Though six takes. I don't know what got into him! I finally had to throw him out of the room. We thought Wick would find it hilarious, but the rest of Youtube would not be ready for it.

It, like the Lambada, was to caliente.


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Mar. 22nd, 2010 03:21 pm (UTC)
What a nice day. I know Dana took photos and now with your description of the day in your entry you will be able to show Lily how much fun she had and how silly she was with her Ghandi-esque passive protest to be swung by her parents. I was just talking about those shitty cartoon character ice cream bars on Saturday with my friend. They were always the same ice cream or sherbet but molded into the newest, most popular cartoon character with some crappy gumballs stuck in. I was telling my friend how I used to get the Spongebob ice cream whenever I was babysitting and got the kids ice cream and how hilariously bad it looked. It was like a brown and yellow square-ish blob with dark blue cockeyed gumball eyes shoved in. So terrible lol.
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