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People are strange


The Stats/ My guests feature is totally weird.
I check it from time to time and I never think it is odd when people on my friends list check into my blog.

However there is one guy, who I haven't even spoken to in ten years (and who I know for a fact hates me) who checks in on a kind of regular basis. Honestly it's creepy for me. I haven't spoken to this guy in forever - not since I was living in Patchogue the FIRST time in my early 20's. Before I moved to Brooklyn. Before Jersey. Before Patchogue redux... etc. I mean ZERO contact. Why would we talk? He hates me, we were constantly irritated by each other.

It's just weird.
I didn't even KNOW he had an LJ until I saw his little icon pop up on my visitors feed the first time I ever checked my visitors feed. He is often in my top 10 most recent visitors - which shows he checks it pretty frequently. I did a little research and I saw that he only uses his own LJ a couple of times a year. Let me be clear I only went to his site once. So is his account just for stalking purposes? I'm not flattering myself to think that he has an LJ account to lurk me but I'm sure if he is lurking me he is lurking on others.

I understand that people read random people's journals. I have done it casually, or I have browsed the friends of friends feeds but I usually only read the blogs of people I LIKE or I like what they have to say... also I wouldn't lurk. I usually introduce myself one way or another and eventually friend them.

To just lurk on someone's blog that you hate - on a regular almost basis is totally weird and creepy.
Double the creep factor when you realize that my journal has been pretty much private for the better part of a year but he still keeps visiting.
It also kind of reaffirmed the things about him that annoyed me.

Honestly though - it's been over a decade -

We never had a fight that I can remember. I think he knew that I found him annoying and that he HATED me. Whatever. I can't believe that after this long he hasn't been able to let it go.

FYI: I am making this post friends only as well because I don't want to give him the satisfaction of reading this and feeling justified in his continued stalking of my journal. I don't want to feed whatever grudge this is that he has created in his brain.


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May. 12th, 2011 04:13 pm (UTC)
Hoping his name doesnt have the name of a state in it. There is some dude stalking mine now that I have no idea who he is...and my lj is friends only.

That is so creepy.


I did not know about this option, this is crazy! my first time hearing about it! haha. Damnit now everyone knows who I stalk.

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