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This actually feels really good....

This is a letter we received from our liason at the Trevor Project.

Hi Dana,

I've reviewed our text donations coming in on June 28 and we've received 52 since then, which equals $260. There's no accurate way to tell how many you have personally generated in that time, but I'd determine with confidence that the majority are due to your blog since we average 4-6 text donations per day if we haven't specifically posted a call to action about it. So yes, you are making a difference. :-)

Perhaps we could set a goal, which might help encourage people to donate? $1,000? I can provide updates on how close we are to reaching that goal every few days.

Also, not sure if this is helpful, but it costs $15 to answer one call to The Trevor Lifeline. So for fundraising purposes, we often equate $15 to saving one life. When looked at in that perspective, $1,000 would save 66 lives. $260 has already saved 17 lives. :-)



Wow. It's not a tremendous amount of money, but it does feel really good that we are going to be able to sponsor about 17 phone calls to the suicide prevention hotline. I guess we are going to keep posting it, until we reach the 1,000 goal.

Please if you haven't taken the time to do so yet (or you want to do it again)

You can text your five dollar donation quickly and simply, using your mobile phone, text: TREVOR to 85944 to donate $5.00 to The Trevor Project. Right now, you can spend your coffee money on making a REAL difference without even having to get up and find your credit card.

or if you would like to make a more substantial donation in Jeffrey's name you can do so at


I implore all of you to look deep in your heart and donate something. The five dollars in the grand scheme of our lives is not something we will miss, but when put together it can make a world of difference.


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Jul. 2nd, 2011 10:14 am (UTC)
I just did, about two seconds ago. :)
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